Watch out Selling Sunset fans, there are new agents in town. The highly anticipated sixth season of the hit Netflix reality show hit the streamer on May 19th, and it does not disappoint. With Christine Quinn and Maya Vander no longer part of the cast, Bre Tiesi and Nicole Young are the new agents on the block, and they're definitely working for their spots in the Oppenheim Group hierarchy.

Bre, in particular, has been generating a lot of buzz. The former model-turned-realtor recently decided to pivot into something new. And just in case you were wondering, she doesn't mess around when it comes to closing deals. "I mean business. I'm about business. I'm here to f*ck this sh*t up," she said in the latest trailer.

Whether or not she'll mesh well with the other ladies is up in the air for now. Although, fans are hoping for another trailer sometime before the premiere. Until then, read on for everything there is to know about Bre, her modeling and TV career, and her family.

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Bre started modeling at 16.

Bre was born and raised in Los Angeles, where she had dreams of becoming a surgical technician before her then-boyfriend's mother suggested she try modeling. "I actually started dating somebody, and he was in the industry," she told E!. "His mom was like, 'You should model.' So she kind of introduced me to everything."

She landed her first gig as a spokesmodel for Rockstar Energy for two years before landing other jobs. At first, Bre didn't have a long-term plan for modeling, but things changed as she spent more time in the industry. "I didn't even really know what the potential was or where you could take that. I saw so much, and then obviously, I was like, 'Okay, I want to do as much as I can, I want to get bigger contracts," per E!.

When did she start at the O Group?

While Bre enjoyed modeling, she wanted a fresh start. "I wanted to transition out of modeling and start setting myself up for a long-term career," she told People. "I started taking it more seriously and tapping into my network, and that's when I started making some high-figure sales."

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Bre has a passion for fitness.

Health and wellness have always been a core part of Bre's life. Her father was an MMA fighter, while her mom worked as a nutritionist, leading to her own passion for fitness. "I love to go hard in the gym, and nobody wants to work out with me! My trainers will push me to the brink, and I'm obsessed," she told E!.

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Bre appeared on other TV shows in the past.

Aside from modeling, Bre worked on several TV shows, including Love & Listings and Nick Cannon's Wild N' Out. She was initially introduced to Nick through Dave Osokow. "I knew [Dave] from the club days. He was like, 'I want to introduce you to Nick and take you to the show." Fast forward a year and change later, and Bre landed a spot on the show.

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Bre shares a child with Nick Cannon.

In late January 2022, Bre announced she and Nick Cannon were expecting their first child together via a gender reveal video on Instagram. That July, Bre and Nick welcomed Legendary Love Cannon, Nick's eighth child. She opted for an all natural unmedicated home birth, which she described as "the most humbling, limit-pushing, yet awakening, and completely empowering experience," on social media.

As for whether or not she'll talk about her relationship with Nick on the show, Bre keeps things pretty private. "I'm not going to necessarily hide [Legendary] from anything. It is what it is between his dad and I. He's still obviously so little, so I will protect him from the majority of it for a little while," she told People.

However, once the new season dropped, viewers hear Bre explain that she's a strong mama making it work on her own. "The court can basically say [Nick Cannon] can't afford to pay child support," she says on the show. "I take care of myself ... If my son needs something, or we do, I ask, that's all I have to do. I know he's a good dad and Nick is not my sugar daddy, Nick is not the reason I'm where I'm at."

Who is Bre's ex-husband?

Before meeting Nick Cannon, Bre was married to former Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel. The two met in 2016 and married two years later in a private courthouse ceremony. Just one year later, the couple filed for divorce after rumors that Johnny had cheated began surfacing. Their divorce was finalized in November 2021, per People.

Despite the rumors, it sounds like they ended things amicably. After Bre's friends threw her a divorce party, she took to social media to celebrate. “I do, I did, I'm officially done.🤪 Thanks to all my girls for the craziest divorce party,” she wrote in a now-deleted IG post. “No shade to J, wish you nothing but the best, love ya ❤️😂” Johnny also left a few laughing emojis in the comments, so it looks like all is well.

Is she single?

Well, not really. "I don't know if I would say I'm single, I've been in—I don't want to call it open, but open relationship," she tells another agent on the show. "I just know we had a baby, we're really happy, so I'm really happy in my relationship now."

What is Bre's net worth?

This question doesn't have a great answer... yet. But stay tuned on that one.

Curious to know more? Catch Bre during Selling Sunset season 6, now streaming on Netflix.

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