The health benefits of sex are myriad – it boosts our happiness, has the potential to be a hearty dose of cardio, can improve our emotional bond with a partner, and most importantly... it’s fun.

But there are ways to make it even more beneficial, whether you’re having sex with a partner, or simply enjoying some solo play.

We spoke to Anna Richards a Sex Expert and Founder of women-focused porn brand

Here she shares four ways to boost your sex life, from exploring libido-boosting erotica to ways to suggest to a partner that you’re in the mood for trying something new..

The next big erotica trend? Audio porn.

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Audio Porn is certainly a trend that will continue into 2023. Audio porn fulfils our need for "on the go" sexual stimuli as it offers the most discreet means of tapping into some very steamy sex. The immersive nature of listening to a real voice talk specifically and directly to you in a highly sexual manner is intensely exciting and so our arousal is on full alert and YES we are turned on.

'Chat about what turns you on and what you would like to see'

As women are becoming far more empowered owning their own sexuality so too are they keen to safely explore their sexuality. Female founded sites will be a big focus as we turn to more feminist erotica removing the stigma and taboo around female pleasure and sex. Even the fact we are talking about it now shows how much we are wanting to explore so much more about sex.

Try this to suggest watching porn with a partner...

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Porn gives us the opportunity to expand our ideas, experiment and fantasise. It can offer a wonderful way to share our desires with others. It can help us renew our relationships and inspire us to new forms of play. However porn can be viewed negatively and a lot of women don’t feel safe to be free in their sexual desires. Most mainstream porn is made for men, which is why woman-made and woman-centred ethical sites like FrolicMe can be useful for women looking to discover themselves sexually and allow women to feel more comfortable and safe.

However, make sure you are not rushing into watching porn together until you are both at a stage to comfortably understand each other’s desires and are able to communicate your sexual needs.

Certainly you can’t get to watching threesome’s and consensual BDSM if you are struggling to convey what turns you on.

Be clear why you are wanting to share watching some porn with your partner and how you feel it might help with your own adventures. This will also help guide you to what sort of erotic films you should be viewing.

Take some time to consider both of your interests when it comes to watching sex. Chat about what turns you on and what you would like to see but also what you wouldn’t too. It is just as important to discuss what you don’t wish to view, as it would be more of a turn off than a turn on. So ensure you have a sense of where you will both be comfortable to engage in.

Don’t try to be too ambitious in your viewing and build up your preferences through experience. Start with some independently owned sites first, such as that cater for women and couples to explore eroticism and cultivate sexual confidence and pleasure.

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In a couple? Focus on the foreplay

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Some of the best sex can often come from changing things up - so don’t necessarily think sex has to be ultimately about penetration.

Remove that off the table and look at spending time enjoying foreplay focusing on giving your partner pleasure. Foreplay is vital as it is ultimately preparing the body for sex and brings on the visible signs of arousal but it also gets us in the mood.

Look at expanding this idea of foreplay to include so much more

  • Flirty texts during the day to alert your partner you have sexual pleasure on your mind.
  • Read and enjoy some sexy erotica together
  • Enjoy some sensual massages focusing on all areas, not just the erogenous zones.
  • Shop for some new sex toys you can discuss bringing into your play.

Four ways to make masturbating more exciting

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One of my top tips would be enjoying some joint masturbation. It’s a very sexy way to quickly understand and learn how and where your partner stimulates themselves and what it is they enjoy to reach their heavenly O. You can then apply those techniques during partner play in the knowledge of how much it turns them on. Plus it increases the excitement to know you are being watched.

Watch some masturbation erotica and learn some new techniques. FrolicMe has a vast collection of male and female masturbation videos which are not only hot to watch but also show how to pleasure your bodies.

Film yourself talking directly to your phone as you enjoy the pleasure of some sexy solo sex time. Explain how you feel and what is turning you on as your body responds to your touch. Your partner when they receive that will find it mind-blowingly sexy knowing you are thinking of them as your pleasure yourself, plus it's very horny to know you are being watched.

It can also be incredibly horny to let your partner be involved during your solo sex holding and using the toy on you as you masturbate. You can tell them and guide them of what you like and where you like to enjoy the pleasure of a toy and they can be there to be part of the self pleasure, watching you as you reach your climax.