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October is World Menopause Month, with Menopause Awareness Day falling on October 18. Here you'll find practical advice for navigating this huge hormonal milestone, from the first peri symptoms onwards.


Fans praise Drew Barrymore for addressing her first menopausal hot flush on air

business woman having headache at office

Menopause law change rejected by government

lisa snowdon menopause symptoms tena

Lisa Snowdon's vertigo signalled perimenopause

happy young woman eating strawberries with cream while sitting at home

Menopause nutrition: how to eat to ease symptoms

mature woman in bathrobe moisturizing face in bathroom

5 Steps to Looking after Menopausal Skin

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shirley ballas qvc menopause your way campaign

Shirley Ballas on 'scary and emotional' menopause

woman in sportswear doing sports at home

7 things you need to know about perimenopause

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No7 launches menopause skincare range

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HRT is being sold on 'dark web' amid crisis

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Beautiful at Every Age

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