Gift giving can be really tough. Some people seem to have everything, others have hyper-specific tastes, and sometimes you just wait until the last minute and it shows.

To make the whole process easier, think "presence over presents." Just about everyone digs a good endorphin rush, so if you know how your loved ones like to get active, you can simplify your gifting by finding ways to give your people those experiences.

Hydro Flask has made it possible to physically give the "Gift of Go" through their ingenious Experience Vouchers. Each downloadable, printable voucher is a promise that you'll join your loved one for some activity they crave. Like those homemade coupons you used to give your parents for their birthdays, only you'll actually follow through with these.

Here are seven such experiences, paired with tangible, wrappable stuff. (An ideal duo!) They're perfect for the person who might be tough to shop for but is always down for a good time. The best part: the paired items can be used for the occasions suggested, but are also useful for wherever their adventures take them year-round.

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Experience: Snow Day
Pair It With: Hydro Flask 12 oz Coffee Mug, $29.95

Get ready to crush some powder and enjoy a day of skiing or snowboarding. (Or, a day of supporting your favorite skier from a cozy lodge, sipping on some steamy hot chocolate or coffee while they do their thing.) Hydro Flask's 12-ounce coffee mug features TempShield double-wall vacuum insulation to keep beverages hot for hours, so you'll stay refreshed no matter how many runs the day calls for.

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Experience: Girls' Trip
Pair It With: Dagne Dover Landon Carryall Bag, $155

Show that special woman on your list just how much you appreciate her by gifting her with some precious girl time. Whether it's a relaxing vineyard weekend, an uninterrupted Saturday of spin class and brunch, or whatever else the group is into, a proper girls' trip is always appreciated and well deserved. Pair it with this holiday-inspired Dagne Dover classic bag, which has enough room to fit everything she could possibly need for the occasion.

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Experience: Find Your Zen
Pair It With: Hydro Flask 32 oz Wide Mouth Bottle with Straw Lid, $29.95

Few gifts are more gratefully received during the hectic holiday season than the gift of a little "me" time, a la a restorative yoga session. This gift is best paired with a way to stay hydrated through even the steamiest hot yoga class. Hydro Flask's wide mouth bottle promises to keep water ice cold for up to 24 hours. And the straw lid means less plastic trash, so the conscience is clear to focus on practice.

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Experience: A Night Under the Stars
Pair It With: Pendleton Roll-Up Blanket, $149

Made with convenience in mind, this roll-up blanket from Pendleton pairs perfectly with a night of stargazing and s'more making. A nylon backing makes it durable to withstand any surface, while Pendleton's signature wool will ensure all-night warmth and comfort.

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Experience: Beach Please
Pair It With: Hydro Flask 40 oz Wide Mouth Bottle, $42.95

Sure, hydration is important when you’re on the move, but have you ever been at the beach for more than an hour without a cool, icy beverage? Disastrous. Make sure to pair the gift of a beach day with Hydro Flask’s 40 oz Wide Mouth bottle. The stainless steel bottle keeps drinks impossibly cold regardless of outside temps and conditions. Perfect for keeping the "ice" in ice water or sneaking your favorite chilled cocktail into your cooler.

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Experience: Trail Mix
Pair It With: Altra Lone Peak 4 Mid, $160

Altra is known for their signature foot-shaped toe box, which allows your toes to spread naturally while you’re on the move. So wearing these on a hike makes any day on the trails that much more idyllic. And they will indeed be comfortable all day, thanks to a waterproof material with breathable construction that lets sweat escape.

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Experience: Picnic Party
Pair It With: Hydro Flask 24 L Soft Cooler Tote, $199.95

Whether you’re bringing this from the car to a local park bench or choosing to bring it on the trails to a secluded picnic spot, this soft cooler tote is ideal for transporting sandwiches, brews, and just about anything else. With two exterior pockets for odds and ends, it comes complete with a molded base for unsupported self-standing.

From: Men's Health US
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