Breakfast in bed sounds like exactly what you want to be doing with your love on a Sunday morning...until your well-intentioned meal turns into your bed's worst nightmare. Half a jar of strawberry jelly on your satin sheets isn't exactly sexy. To save your linens and make your breakfast in bed experience as hot as possible, we asked pros how to do it right.

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Pancakes, peanut butter toast, and anything with jelly are basically the enemy, says Steve Wann, owner of , a bed and breakfast in Wisconsin. Instead, opt for foods that aren't so sticky or drippy. Think: omelets, bacon, yogurt with granola, and fresh fruit, he says.

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Besides choosing meals that aren't a sloppy mess, you can also prevent post-breakfast laundry by putting drinks in sealable containers, says Courtney Silhan, the assistant general manager at in Long Island, New York. "We use pretty jars with lids on them when we carry things like coffee or juice up to the rooms," she says. Mason jars are perfect for this; you can pop the lids off and drink straight from the jar or pour the juice or coffe into glasses, says Silhan. Choose your own adventure.

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When it comes to creating the perfect place to park that juice, Wann says you should set individual place settings for each of you on separate trays. Make sure the tray fits everything from glasses to salt and pepper, he says. We like the Reclaimed Wood Tray ($98, "That way the both of you have a setting to eat over and contain the mess."

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Keeping the food in your mouth and off of your bedding is super important, but what's even more vital for a sexy breakfast is to set the perfect ambiance. For starters, turn off the boob tube and play some soft music, says Wann. He says that the TV can be a huge distraction from your food and your partner—and aren't those two things the point of breakfast in bed? Yep.

Next, add some fresh flowers and freshly squeezed juice to you and your partner's trays to help emphasize the fact that you're making an effort to create a special moment, says Wann. "There's something about fresh juice that feels so luxurious," he says.

Then, you'll want to enforce a "robes only" dress code since staying in a nice, fluffy robe is a solid reminder to relax, says Wann. "When you're having breakfast in bed, you're not rushing to get dressed to go do something right away," he says. "You're spending quality time with your partner." Plus, robes tend to show a little extra skin. Wink.

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In case we didn't emphasize this point enough, remember to sit back and enjoy the food and the view. (Hello, open bathrobe!) "When you put a lot of effort into creating a great meal and a great environment, you should take time to appreciate it," says Wann. "If you're going to rush through it, you're better off just getting something at the drive through."

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