If you’ve spent any time on Jennifer Lopez’s Instagram, you know that she and her boyfriend Alex Rodriguez (you know, the former Yankees all-star) are all kinds of adorable. Case in point: Valentine’s Day.

In an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live Wednesday, J. Lo talked about how she and A.Rod first got together a few days before V Day, which is totally awkward for normal people but is apparently just fine for celeb power couples. Noted.

"I remember I was doing my show in Vegas... and I flew in—and I was tired—and there were all these flowers and chocolates and cake and everything, and I was like, 'Who sent me all that?'" she said.

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"I didn’t know who it was because [our relationship] was kind of new. But it was really nice because it made me feel like, 'Oh, he really likes me,'" Jennifer continued.

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Obviously, things have just gotten better over the couple's past two years together, including their Valentine's Day plans. J.Lo explained that she and her bf are "generous gift-givers" but, as of yesterday, she still hadn’t decided what to give him. "I’ve got some work to do in the morning," she added. I mean, same.

Both A-Rod and J.Lo have love on the brain this month since they each shared ridiculously sweet anniversary Instagram posts in early February. (Yup, they are that couple—but in, like, the best way possible.)

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The Instas featured all kinds of cute photos of the two of them, and Alex's even included a video of them cooking breakfast together in adorable matching PJs (see? ADORABLE).

"I can’t believe it’s been two years. Only 730 days, which have flown by, but it feels like we have been together forever," Alex wrote. "We are meant to be, and how much you mean to me cannot be put into words."

He continued, "From baseball games, to traveling across the world to shows in Vegas. We have done it all together and every moment with you is cherished. Where this road will take us next is unknown but there is no one else I would rather have by my side. The journey is just beginning and I am excited for what’s ahead." A.Rod wrapped things up by thanking his girlfriend for her "unwavering support and unconditional love."

Not to be outdone, J.Lo wrote, "Two years of laughter / Two years of fun / Two years of adventures / Of excitement of growing and learning / Of true friendship / And so much love!!"

"You make my world a more beautiful safe and stable place... in the midst of our ever-changing, ever-moving life... you make me feel like a teenager starting out all over again," she continued. "Every time I think I have you pegged, you surprise me in the most wonderful ways reminding me how blessed I am to have found you now in this moment at this time... our time... Te Amo Macho."

With that much love, you know that whatever they end up doing for Valentine’s Day, it's gonna be epic.

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