If you know you’re a Libra—that is, you were born between September 23 and October 23—odds are, *most* of the horoscopes and memes about your zodiac sign resonate with you in some way. Even if you’re not entirely sure what it means to be a Libra 24/7.

Sure, you’ve grown up having at least some vague idea of the general traits associated with your Sun sign (a.k.a. your main zodiac sign), but how does all that fit into your individual personality? Honestly, there are a bunch of astrological factors that go into what makes you, well, you—you've got your Mars sign, your Mercury sign, your natal and progressed charts, just to name a few—but your Sun sign is the biggie.

In short, "Libra is the socialite," explains Valerie Mesa, an astrologer and writer based in Miami, Florida. "They’re the glitter glue that keeps everyone together." Basically, Libras help maintain social cohesion, love to celebrate any festive occasion, and can be friends with you no matter your differences, says Mesa.

Having a Libra in your corner is a major plus, and you’re especially drawn to Libras if you’re a fellow intellectual, analytical air sign, such as Aquarius and Gemini, Mesa explains.

However, Libra’s knack for navigating relationships doesn’t mean that they don’t deal with their own set of insecurities, emotional needs, and daily struggles, says Mesa. These can come in the form of workplace stressors, romantic relationships, creative partnerships, even friendships—but more on that in a bit.

Meet the Experts:
Valerie Mesa is an astrologer and writer based in Miami, Florida.

Donna Page is a certified astrologer based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Jessica Lanyadoo is a humanistic astrologer, psychic medium, and the host of Ghost of a Podcast.

Ever wonder why you’re so eager to start projects, but never finish them? Or why you find it so easy to adapt in different social situations when others seem to struggle? The answers may come from the fact that Libra is a cardinal sign and an air sign. So, if you’re a Libra—or just curious and want to learn more about them—here are the most important Libra zodiac sign character traits you’ll want to know. (Like why they’re so conflict-averse, for example...)

1. You’re all about playing fair.

The symbol of Libra is a scale—literally based on the Scales of Justice—and there's a solid reason for that. "Libras are always passionate about whether or not something is fair," says Donna Page, a certified astrologer in Atlanta, Georgia. When something just isn’t right, you’re not okay with it—and want to fix it STAT.

"You want to seek out that fairness and justice," Page adds. Huh, so that explains why you're so into volunteering and making sure everyone understands all the rules before playing a board game.

2. You like having a ride or die.

Libras aren't "crazy in love" per se, but you are all about that relationship life, and meaningful ones are clutch. Simply put, "Libras want to have a partner in life and have a deep desire for companionship," Page says.

The relationship you have with a Libra is important to them even if you two have differences, Mesa says, since they value the people in their lives above all else. In fact, Libras have a talent for looking past your differences and disagreements, she notes. So if you find yourself bickering with your Libra bestie, just know that the feud probably won’t last longer than a day. They’ll forgive you.

3. You avoid conflict like the damn plague.

Like, the second you catch a whiff of it, you sprint in the other direction. In fact, avoiding conflict is so much your modus operandi, you might not even realize you’re doing stuff to try to avoid it. For instance, Libras will go to a restaurant they don’t want to eat at just to keep the peace, or let some crappy behavior from a partner slide to try to make things work.

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"Libras will avoid conflict, almost to their detriment," Page says. "It can feel like it’s no big deal in the moment, but that can add up over time, especially in long-term relationships." So, it wouldn't be the worst idea to take stock of your connections and figure out when it's best to stick things out and when to cut and run.

4. You dig harmony.

The flip side of being a conflict-phobe is that you’re a natural-born peacemaker, Page says. Libras always urge people to see another’s point of view, and that can be a really handy skill in life. Yup, that's why friends are always coming to you for advice when they're fighting with their S.O.

"Libras have the ability to remain neutral," Mesa adds. For example, if you’re quarreling with your partner and want your Libra friend’s input, you can be sure they’ll account for *both* perspectives while intellectualizing the argument, says Mesa. (So, if you just want someone to sit and listen to you talk without offering up the other person’s POV, you might want to take your vent sessions to a different friend…)

5. You enjoy the finer things in life.

Libras "love beautiful things," Page explains. Maybe that means you're a total Joanna Gaines at interior décor, or maybe you just really love wearing gorgeous colors. Whatever you consider the pinnacle of pretty, you're probably rocking it like it's no big deal.

After all, you're a Libra, dammit! That's just what you do. Libras are "all about aesthetics," Mesa says. "They decorate an environment with their energy." You have both an eye for what looks good and how you stepping into a room can make the whole vibe that much more, well, vibe-y.

6. But you also carry some guilt.

Yes, you’re a social butterfly who loves to build friendships, but that doesn’t mean you’re without flaws: "Libra's biggest challenge is really their own feelings of guilt," Mesa says. Because it’s so easy for you to put yourself in another person’s shoes, you might feel bad for harboring negative feelings toward anyone. (Since, you know, you understand their POV in addition to your own.)

Basically, if you’re mad at someone, you might feel even worse than the average person because you’re mad at yourself for being mad. "This is why Libras are secret critics of themselves," Mesa says. "It’s one of the hardest things for them, because they really just want everyone to be happy." So, if you’re a Libra who’s being overly self-critical, try challenging why you’re feeling this way in the first place instead of beating yourself up for being upset.

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7. You stand out in a group.

As a Libra, you express yourself in a mental, social ambience kind of way, Mesa says. For you, "it's all about that atmosphere and aesthetic," she adds. This is most apparent in that Libra season begins during what many consider the best (and most visually appealing) season of the year: Autumn!

"The leaves change color, and everyone has their pumpkin spice lattes. It's sweater weather. It's cuffing season," Mesa says. This is part of what makes you "ornamental," in a way: "They just decorate the room wherever they are, because they love to bring beauty, joy, and harmony," says Mesa. That’s why Libra season tends to make everyone feel uplifted.

8. But there’s a dark side to your love for aesthetics.

Even though you might not want to think about it, there’s what Mesa calls a "shadow side" to most positive zodiac traits. The aesthetic quality of Libras can lean superficial and vain at times, she says. Don’t fret, though, because it’s just "part of your celestial DNA," Mesa explains.

If you’re a Libra, make sure you’re not getting too caught up in aesthetics by not letting how things *look* stress you out, Mesa says. Like, it’s great that you want to set up a chic dessert table at the cocktail party you’re throwing, but don’t let yourself spiral if someone messes up the presentation by moving your mini creme brûlées to the side to make room for their homemade chocolate chip cookies. Your aesthetics are supposed to bring people together, after all, not drive wedges over minutiae.

9. You lift the mood.

You know how some people make you (internally) groan when they walk into a room? Well, if you’re a Libra, you have the exact opposite effect. Libras are what Mesa calls the "Febreeze-like plugins" of the zodiac. "They just make the room smell and look better," she says. Basically, a Libra’s presence uplifts the overall environment, according to Mesa.

So if you’re a Libra, while your inner critic might be telling you that you’re not doing or being enough for others, you can rest easy knowing that your energy is a legit benefit to everyone around you. As mentioned, you’re the "glitter glue" of social situations, making the environment brighter and more cohesive by just being around, says Mesa.

10. You're indecisive AF.

If you’re friends with, say, a Leo or a Scorpio—signs known for being headstrong and sure of themselves—it's likely that you’ve been scolded for not being able to make a decision a time or two.

Sushi or pizza? Go out or stay in? If you’re a Libra, you can’t make a decision to save your life. This may sound exactly like what you’re used to, but it does not mean decision-making is out of reach. And it certainly doesn’t mean that it’s up to the other signs to decide your fate, even if that fate is simply what seasonal shade to paint your nails.

"[Libra] is very preoccupied with indecision because all options seem viable…they see the merit in all things and they don’t want to turn their back on something good," says Jessica Lanyadoo, a humanistic astrologer, psychic medium, and the host of Ghost of a Podcast. "The key, if a Libra is dealing with a great deal of indecision, is to return to the basics of what it is that [you] value. As a Libra, when you make choices that reflect your values, it's a lot easier to be decisive. You tend to be happier with what happens."

Libra Sign Compatibility

To put it plainly, if you’re a Libra, you’re probably pretty compatible with most people. Or, at least, you try to be.

"Libra is a very relational zodiac sign. It's all about finding balance but, in particular, interpersonal connection," Lanyadoo notes. "Libra is motivated to initiate relationships or just initiate interaction."

When it comes to specific matches, Libras get along well with their fellow air signs: Aquarius, Gemini, and other Libras. But sexually speaking? "You need a little friction," says Lanyadoo. You'll want to seek out fire signs—a.k.a. Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries—for romantic relationships.

Lanyadoo adds, however, that Sun sign compatibility is just the surface. "There are a lot of considerations that are really important, especially when we are talking about a zodiac sign like Libra," she notes. "Libra hates conflict, hates confrontation, and can err on the side of being accommodating instead of authentic when it feels threatened or when things are too scary or emotionally tense. This is where it becomes important to examine all the planets in a person’s birth chart and not just the sun."

Your Zodiac Sign Compatibility In Romantic Relationships, Explained

Libra Modality Category

ICYDK, astrology really is all about the seasons. The 12 signs of the zodiac are separated into three different modalities: cardinal, fixed, and mutable. These modalities are just another way to explain how an individual born under a certain Sun sign operates the way they do. "Fixed signs are fixed because they happen in the middle of the season, mutable signs are about transitory times, but cardinal signs kick things off, they start [seasons] up," explains Lanyadoo.

"Cardinal signs have this initiating vibe about them," Lanyadoo says. "They like to make things happen." So, it may come as no surprise that Libras are drawn toward the other cardinal energies: Aries (spring), Cancer (summer), and Capricorn (winter). "They naturally gravitate to one another," Mesa adds. They stimulate and inspire each other, since they all have a knack for bringing about change in the outer world.

This doesn’t mean that cardinal signs don’t come with their fair share of complexities, however. "[Libra is] really great at starting things and sort of gathering resources whether that's with relationships, things, ideas,” Lanyadoo explains, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they always know how to finish what they started.

Compatibility between the cardinal signs can be just as intricate. In particular, Cancer and Capricorn can be really exciting and challenging for Libra in relationships, says Lanyadoo. While that formidable connection won't always work out, "in other ways, [it] will give you that tension that creates the best work or the most exciting sexual connection or romantic relationship," Lanyadoo adds.

Libra Natural Element Sign

If you’re a Libra, odds are you also get along with fellow air signs Gemini and Aquarius because of your shared inclination toward action, thought processes, and communication.

"Air is the element that is really hard to contain," Lanyadoo says. "You have to apply heat or cold to air in order to really see a change to it. In other words, air signs can move pretty fluidly between relationships and situations because they’re able to adapt."

Although all three air signs have these traits in common, they manifest in different ways. Aquarius tends to be more focused on their own thoughts, while Gemini is fueled by curiosity, explains Lanyadoo. Libra, on the other hand, "is very diplomatic…[they are] not going to just lead with their thoughts if they feel like it alienates other people," Lanyadoo says. "Libra is absolutely the most relational of the zodiac signs."

Libra In The Workplace

Speaking of diplomacy, it's no coincidence that Libra's natural inclination towards peace and harmony comes in handy in the workplace. "Libras are really good at facilitating connection and comfort for people," says Lanyadoo. "They're good at making people feel included, involved, heard, and seen." Because of this, Libras tend to make great managers or team leaders in general.

But this is yet another side of the sign that can be a double-edged sword. Because of Libras' inherent kindness, they do not like to be the bearer of bad news, nor do they want to be critical. Remember: Libras will avoid conflict like there’s no tomorrow. Because Libra is governed by the planet Venus, they really want to be liked, says Lanyadoo. However, when you’re in a leadership role, not everyone is going to like you all the time, and that’s really hard for a Libra.

Still, Libras are a great addition to any team and an asset to all creative endeavors. Lanyadoo suggests that because Libra is a born diplomat, they may excel in a go-between role for the various departments of a workplace.

Take this as a friendly reminder to check in on all your Libra coworkers and friends: Although they light up the room wherever they go, it's entirely too likely that they may be putting everyone else's needs and feeling before their own.

And to the late September, early October birthday babes: take it easy on yourself—and please, heed Lanyadoo’s advice and don’t let someone else decide what Netflix show you’re streaming this weekend. If you want to watch Gilmore Girls for the umpteenth time, you go for it.

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