Congrats are in order for Chrishell Stause and G Flip who are officially married!

ICYMI: The Selling Sunset star, 41, and the Australian musician, 28, tied the knot after one year of dating, per People.

On Wednesday, May 10, 2023, the Days of Our Lives alum posted a cute Instagram Reel sharing snippets of the newlyweds’ relationship from “How it started...” to “How it's going...”. At the end of the video, viewers can spot a photo from what appears to be the couple's wedding. “Love doesn’t always go as planned…Sometimes it’s immeasurably better,” the actress captioned the post.

The Selling Sunset personality’s co-stars quickly rushed to the comments section to congratulate the couple with Chrishell’s ex Jason Oppenheim even sharing, “I am SO excited for this!! You and G are the most inspiring couple and the affection between you both is so pure.” (BRB, wiping away tears.)

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As a refresher, Chrishell and G have been together since May 2022. The pair first met on Halloween 2021—and even though they were both with their ex-partners at the time, they felt an undeniable connection. “We just found a lot of similarities,” G Flip told People in May 2022. Shortly after meeting, the Dancing with the Stars contestant was invited to appear in the music video for G Flip’s single “Get Me Outta Here” (which features some pretty heavy PDA in a grocery store aisle, btw) where they got to bond even more. Then in May 2022, Chrishell confirmed her romance with G during the season 5 reunion episode of Selling Sunset.

After going public with their relationship, things moved pretty fast with these two—they moved in together and even gave each other tattoos—but that’s just what happens when you’re in love. And when the stars are guiding your fate...

“Chrishell’s Cancer Sun is in a sextile aspect with G Flip’s Virgo Sun,” explains intuitive astrologer Rachel Lang. “Astrologically, a sextile is favorable and shows there’s an open flow to the relationship. They can develop a friendship and have a sense of creativity and play.” That tracks since, in a June 2022 interview with Vogue, Chrishell described her relationship with the nonbinary drummer as “unlocked” and went on to say, “There are no rules or regulations, just love and support.”

Other than being able to be open and free with each other, these two have plenty more points of compatibility. Lang analyzed both Chrishell and G Flip’s birth charts to determine what astrology has in store for these newlyweds, and apparently, you’ll want to keep an eye on this pair as there might be a baby in their future.

Mars fuels Chrishell and G Flip’s fiery hot connection.

If their music video performance is any indication, these two certainly have a ~steamy~ ‘ship. And it’s all thanks to Mars, a.k.a the planet of passion and energy, which rules sex drive. G Flip’s Mars sign is in conjunction with Chrishell’s Cancer Sun, explains Lang. As a result, there’s an immediate and magnetic spark between them.

Like G, Chrishell’s Mars is also in Cancer, “and while they’re too far to be conjunct, they both have similar likes and preferences when it comes to sex and love,” says Lang.

However, with her Sun in Cancer, Chrishell may have her guard up, making G work just a smidge harder to maintain their bond. But given all that Chrishell has been through (read: super public divorce with ex-husband Justin Hartley and emotional AF ‘ship with ex Jason Oppenheim), can ya blame her?

While their romantic relationship might get a bit rocky at times, one thing’s for sure: These two are very satisfied in the bedroom department.

Watch Chrishell and G Flip's performance in "Get Me Outta Here":

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Thanks to Pluto, this relationship is transformative for them.

Chrishell’s Cancer Sun and Pisces Moon are in a favorable aspect with G Flip’s Pluto (the planet of seismic change and rebirth), making this a life-changing romance for Chrishell, says Lang. “They likely feel the relationship is meant to be, and there’s a powerful, dynamic force Chrishell can’t ignore.”

At the same time, G’s Pluto in Scorpio challenges Chrishell’s Venus (the planet of love and beauty) in Leo, and Chrishell’s Pluto in Libra challenges G’s Mars, explains Lang. Translation: The emotional intensity in their partnership might be too hot to handle at times.

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While their connection runs deep, it can lean into obsession and possessiveness of one another at times. If these two want to make it long term, they’ll have to give each other space from time to time, or else the intensity may become too much.

Nevertheless, there’s no doubt that this partnership will be a healing one for both of them. “There’s a deep intimacy there that can help them heal any unresolved heartbreak or loss from their pasts,” says Lang.

Uranus challenges them to break the rules.

“Uranus is the rebel planet of change,” says Lang. Chrishell’s Sun opposes G Flip’s Uranus, and G’s Uranus aspects Chrishell’s Pisces Moon and Chiron (a comet that represents our core wounds) in Taurus. As a result of this combo, these two are challenged to break the rules, so to speak, explains Lang.

“They are creating this relationship on their own terms, and they encourage one another to step beyond their individual comfort zones,” Lang adds. Read: There’s a lot of potential for growth in this partnership.

This growth can look like starting a family or even being together for the long haul…if they play their cards right. Lang explains that because Chrishell’s Venus rules her fifth house of children, she might decide that she wants to have a baby. (No surprise here, as any fan of Selling Sunset can tell you that Chrishell has been wanting kids for a while—it’s one of the main reasons her and Jason split.) This is good news as G Flip opened up in an interview with People that they definitely see kids in their and Chrishell’s future. As long as G allows themself to see the reality of the situation, there is potential for them to grow a family together, says Lang.

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G Flip has a natal Mars in Cancer at t-square configuration with Mercury (the planet of communication) in Libra and opposite Neptune (the planet of dreams and intuition) and Uranus in Capricorn, showing a need for freedom, explains Lang. G’s natal Saturn (the planet of obligations and responsibilities) in Pisces also means they might wrestle with insecurities or abandonment fears. As long as G can heal these wounds, the stars are saying this relationship has long-term potential for Chrishell (and personally, love that for her).

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