If you're a big fan of reality TV dating shows, I'm so glad to tell you that there's a brand new Netflix's newest series, Jewish Matchmaking, that just hit the streamer on May 3. The series hails from the producers of Indian Matchmaking, and is sure to keep your tush glued to the couch.

The plot is pretty straightforward: Jewish singles of various age, race, gender, and religious backgrounds, living all over the world—from New York to Israel—get matched up by professional Jewish matchmaker Aleeza Ben Shalom.

Aleeza's matchmaking clients rely on shidduchim, a centuries-old matchmaking practice rooted in Orthodox Jewish tradition, to not only find the right person and get married but, as Aleeza says, stay married.

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The cast meets with Aleeza to discuss what they're looking for in a life partner before going on adorable dates, like jet-skiing, horseback riding, and rollerskating, with potential suitors. Of course, "Oy vey!"-inducing dating drama ensues.

If you're a yenta who just can't wait to see which couples might make it to the chuppah and which ones don't make it past the first date, here's who’s still together and who’s single from the cast of Jewish Matchmaking:

Who does Dani end up with?

Single woman Dani Bergman first heads out on a date with David Behar. And for what it's worth, they make a very cute Miami-based couple. Their main issue, though, is that David is Sephardic and Dani is Ashkenazi (two different sects of Judaism), which causes some tension between them. David starts getting flaky, and from the audience’s perspective, it looks like he wants to hook up more than he wants an actual relationship.

Dani susses this out, and eventually, she calls him out while they’re eating lunch at a race track. TL;DR: They're not together.

Still, even though their short-lived courtship is over, they still follow each other on Instagram. (Gotta keep that ratio strong!) Dani definitely moved on quickly—when things were starting to fizzle out with David, she began seeing Shaun, a South African man living in Hawaii. They went on some great dates while they were both staying in Los Angeles, but it looks like geography meant things didn't work out.

"Shaun and I had a great time together. He does live in Hawaii though, which is a huge time difference," Dani told Hey Alma. "It would be a long-distance relationship and long-distance is not something that I really want to get into. I’ve done it before and it’s really difficult. So you know, never say never, but he is in Hawaii right now. So that’s definitely a deal-breaker for me.” But they do still follow each other on IG, so maybe there's opportunity for a future meet-up.

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Who does Ori end up with?

Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, Ori* is all dialed into the physical looks of his potential matches, and he's definitely in search of a specific type of woman—specifically, an Israeli woman with blonde hair and blue eyes. Aleeza sets him up on two dates with Adi*, who’s from Israel, but she doesn’t seem to meet his expectations. Later, he goes on a date with Karin, and the pair immediately hit it off.

After a great first date, it's implied that Karin and Ori will keep seeing each other, but it’s unclear whether they’re still together today. Karin then told Distractify that despite enjoying their date, she was mostly focused on "hitting every country in South America." That definitely doesn't sound like she's interested in a long-term 'ship

Who does Harmonie end up with?

Harmonie* is definitely on the hunt for the husband of her dreams—she’s in her 40s and would love to get married and start having children, STAT. First, she goes on two dates with Aron Temkin, but she’s not feeling physically attracted to him, so the connection fades. (He still follows her on Instagram, though she doesn’t follow him back!)

After that, Harmonie goes on a date with Adam Frankel, but there’s no chemistry there, either.

Finally, she hits it off with Ben Bakondi, and by that I mean she sorta feels a physical attraction—“spark is TBD,” as she put it. Harmonie’s storyline ends with these two discussing the potential of going out on a second date, then seeing how things continue from there.

Once again, Ben follows Harmonie on IG, but she doesn’t follow him back, so it seems like they're no longer together.

Who does Cindy end up with?

In Jerusalem, Cindy Seni goes on two dates with Daniel*. The first one goes pretty well, but unfortunately, he’s late for the second date. This, of course, rubs Cindy the wrong way, and she pulls the plug on things, saying that their values didn’t "align."

Cindy doesn’t currently follow Daniel on Instagram.

FWIW, Aleeza thinks there may be unfinished business with Cindy’s ex because they almost got engaged (although, ultimately, he couldn’t commit to her). When the show ends, Cindy is still single, but it's implied that she might go back and try to work things out with her ex.

Are Noah and Ophir still together?

In Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Noah Dreyfuss is a divorced man who got married in his early 20s in Israel and now has a 13-year-old son who still lives in Israel with his ex-wife. He first goes on a date with Eliana*, and though they have a great conversation, Noah tells Aleeza that she’s not totally on board with dating someone who’s already been married and has a child.

On his second date, Noah meets Ophir Gross, and they really hit it off. They seem like a great match with similar goals, and Noah’s storyline ends with him being excited about see where his relationship with Ophir might go. However, they do not currently follow each other on Instagram, so it appears that their initial spark has fizzled out.

Are Fay and Shaya still together?

Fay Brezel, who lives in an Orthodox community in Flatbush, New York, goes on a date with Shaya Rosenberg, and they totally hit it off. In fact, they like each other so much that they go on three dates. Everything seems to be going great, but ultimately, Shaya and Fay aren't on the same page when it comes to their levels of “religiosity” (which, yes, is totally a real word). Even though they totally click, they part ways amicably because their lifestyles and long-term plans don't match up.

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However...Shaya is now happily engaged to a woman named Hoovee, who comes from an ultra-Orthodox background, per HeyAlma. Shaya proposed just after the new series dropped, while Taylor Swift's "Love Story" was playing in the background. And BTW, Aleeza was still the one who set them up, so that's one point for the matchmaker!

Are Stuart and Pamela still together?

In Chicago, Stuart Chaseman goes on a date with Hope Ann*, but they don’t click, so... that’s it for them. (Oh, and they don’t follow each other on IG, which likely means they didn't rekindle anything post-filming.)

Next, Stuart goes on a date with Pamela Rae Schuller, which seems like a much better fit. The pair share tons of laughs, and the sparks seem to fly. The show ends with the implication that they'll go on a second date and see where their relationship might progress from there.

Unfortunately for the StuPam stans, these two do not follow each other on Instagram right now, so it's seems likely that things ended after the cameras stopped rolling. Pamela then told Distractify that they are "just friends."

Are Noah and Tav still together?

Noah Del Monte goes on a blind date with Alyssa Lezerrovici in Tel Aviv. She’s nice, but he’s not really attracted to her, so there’s no second date. However, they still follow each other on the ‘gram.

Next, he goes on a date with Gabriela Smookler, who’s more his physical type. Buuuuut they’re also not really a match, since she’s a health coach who doesn’t really believe in Western medicine, and his family is full of doctors. Still, they also follow each other on Instagram.

Finally, Noah meets Tav Gross at Aleeza’s house, and they hit it off and plan a date. These two are definitely cute together, but Tav lives in Arizona most of the time, while Noah is based in Israel. Still, they end the show with a mutual connection and desire to see where things go. And yes, they also follow each other on IG.

Are Nakysha and Evan still together?

After sharing her dating goals and preferences with Aleeza, Nakysha* goes on a date with Ryan Mitchell, and they seem to hit it off relatively well. But Ryan friend-zones Nakysha after their date, so that's the end of that.

Later, Nakysha goes on a date with the lovely Evan Carmusin, and these two really seem to bond with each other. Case in point: They end their date with a cheek kiss, and Nakysha says she's excited about continuing to date Evan and seeing where things go. Awww!

However, as of right now, these two don’t follow each other on Instagram…so it seems like they ended things. Womp.

Stay tuned for more spoilers and updates here, and catch up with your fave matchmaker on Netflix now.

*Last name unknown at time of publication

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