It's official: After one year of dating, Chrishell Stause, real estate agent extraordinaire, and her partner, Australian musician G Flip are married, according to People. The outlet confirmed the news after Chrishell posted a BTS pic of the wedding on Instagram (plus there were *lots* of congratulatory comments from her co-stars on the show). Congrats to the happy couple!

The timing couldn't be better because Selling Sunset season 6 just dropped on Netflix, bringing with it a lot of cute scenes with these two lovebirds. Over the five previous seasons, fans have clamored for info on Chrishell's dating life. And ever since she confirmed her relationship with G Flip, who is non-binary, the questions about their romance have continued to roll in.

Luckily for us, these two post each other on social media all. the. time. So, there are some great insights into their cute 'ship to share. So, if you’re looking for all the details behind Chrishell and G Flip's brand new marriage and romance, keep reading.

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February 2022: Chrishell starts liking G Flip's photos on social media.

Some clued-in fans started to pick up on Chrishell's social media activities, including the fact that she had been liking some of G Flip's Instagram posts. See a few prime examples below:

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March 18, 2022: Chrishell posts a selfie with G Flip.

In mid-March, Chrishell shared a photo dump that added a few new faces to her grid. Fans were surprised to see a selfie of the actress and G Flip together.

Still, Chrishell kept it super casual with a caption that said, "Round up from most pics that went in stories.💃🏻 Hope you guys have an amazing weekend! Grateful for every person in these pics! Curious- do you guys enjoy pics or vids better..? 🤔"

G Flip commented with a red heart emoji, and one fan chimed in, "So fun seeing you at the g flip/Fletcher show! Xx"

March 28, 2022: The two get cozy at an Oscars afterparty.

Just ten days after Chrishell's post, the two were spotted looking very cozy with one another at an Oscars after-party. “They both were by themselves at a table and didn't interact much with others," a source told US Weekly. Unfortunately, there weren't any pictures to back the claim.

April 3, 2022: Chrishell posts a comment under G Flip's photo.

After G Flip posted a photo on their Instagram, Chrishell was quick to hop in the comments section to show her support. “Best show. Best song. Best collab.🔥," she wrote.

It looks like her castmate Emma Hernan was also in attendance commenting, "I was singing this all day after the infamous 👮‍♀️ night!!!!!😂😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥰🎉"

May 1, 2022: The two are spotted holding hands in public.

You can thank Reddit for this little gem of information. Fans spotted the couple holding hands on a night out together in Denver and someone snapped a quick photo of the two walking away. The user captioned the post, "It's official for Chrishell and G Flip."

May 5, 2022: Chrishell and G Flip are spotted out together in Hollywood.

Tabloids started to pick up Chrishell's relationship after she was photographed kissing G Flip at a lounge in Hollywood, per Page Six.

May 6, 2022: Chrishell reveals she's dating G Flip during the Selling Sunset reunion.

Some fans (and other agents) were shocked by the news that Chrishell had made it official with G Flip during the season 5 reunion, but it's not really that surprising. Rumors about her new boo had been floating around since the couple connected back in February of 2022.

The unconfirmed rumors didn't last long thanks to the premiere of the Selling Sunset season 5 reunion. Chrishell's previous relationship with fellow castmate Jason Oppenheim was a big part of the show's fifth season, so when host Tan France asked where the two stood post-breakup, Chrishell confirmed her new romance.

"I recently have been spending a lot of time with someone that’s very important to me. Their name is G Flip," she said. "They’re nonbinary, so they go by they/them [pronouns] and they are an extremely talented musician."

Jason was super supportive, telling Chrishell, “They seem like a badass for one and two the smile that's been on your face the last couple minutes makes me very happy so I'm proud of you.”

May 7, 2022: People reports that the two may have moved in together.

While neither has confirmed the latest news, a source told People that G Flip has already moved into Chrishell's Los Angeles home. Yes, this is the same house that Chrishell purchased using the money she got from selling her wedding ring from her ex-husband, Justin Hartley.

While the news is still hearsay at the moment, G Flip's recent IG post shows the musician drinking wine at Chrishell's house and...she definitely looks comfortable there!

May 8, 2022: Chrishell gives G Flip a tattoo.

On Sunday, G Flip shared a photo of Chrishell giving them a tattoo on their leg that says "Get me outta here." This also happens to be the name of the song in the music video G Flip is dropping on May 12. You know, the one Chrishell stars in? More on that in a sec.

G Flip captioned the post, "F*ck houses do ink 😂." To which Chrishell responded, "Found my new calling. Might open up a new shop🤣💀😎😜."

May 10, 2022: Chrishell sets the record straight on Instagram.

Chrishell hopped on Instagram to talk about the questions and comments that have surfaced following her announcement. In the four-minute video, Chrishell revealed that she and Jason are still on good terms but more importantly that she’s happy with her new partner.

G Flip showed their support by commenting, "Well said beautiful 🌈❤️."

May 12, 2022: G Flip's song "Get Me Outta Here" is released.

G Flip's music video for "Get Me Outta Here," which stars Chrishell, was released on Thursday, giving everyone a full view of their chemistry on set. G Flip posted twice on Instagram in preparation for the release.

The first is a photo of the musician and Chrishell on set captioned, "1000 comments and I’ll drop the 'GET ME OUTTA HERE' music video and track a day early 😈."

The next post was a reel previewing clips from the music video. And TBH, it looks super steamy.

While G Flip's fans absolutely lost it in the comment section, Chrishell chimed in, "Pearls will be CLUTCHED 😆🔥❤️‍🔥😈😉😘."

When the incredibly steamy vid was released, fans went crazy in the comments.

"Yep just going to repeat watch this," one wrote. "​I AM UNWELL," another commented.

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June, 2022: Chrishell shows up for G Flip after an injury.

After G Flip broke their hand, they couldn't be slowed down. The musician posted an Instagram showing themself playing the drums in a sling after the incident. Of course, Crishell was there for them.

"You can't be stopped!! Gonna have 2 dominate hands after this. Watch out🔥👏🔥," Chrishell commented on G Flip's IG.

October, 2022: The couple dresses as each other for Halloween.

Yup, these two lovebirds did a little role playing on the spookiest day of the year, and it seems like Chrishell was having the time of her life. The two recreated a look from G Flip's supermarket music video (you know, the one Chrishell starred in) except this time, they were in a dress while Chrishell was in low-rise pants and a white tank.

"HAPPY HALLOWEEN😆😅🤣. We loved all the legends tagging us in your costumes so we decided to just go as each other 😆🤣. I cried laughing more times than I can count yesterday 🤣," she captioned the pics.

January, 2023: Chrishell shows up at G Flip's concerts... in disguise.

These two love to support each other, and go to great lengths to do so. In an Instagram post, Chrishell showed off how she goes into incognito mode at G Flip's concerts. In a video, the Selling Sunset actress gives a peace sign as she puts a face mask on, along with her sunglasses and baseball cap. TBH, I wouldn't know it was Chrishell if I were standing next to her.

February 2023: They're featured in Vogue Australia for Pride Month.

Yup, these two posed for some really stellar, stunning photos together as part of a feature in Vogue Australia celebrating Pride Month.

"Thank you to @vogueaustralia for taking the time to listen and for allowing us to feel comfortable in opening up," Chrishell captioned the pics. "Feb 6th is the Vogue Australia Pride issue to celebrate #WorldPride and I could not possibly have more pride in the person next to me in these photos. 🥰. To the ones having a hard time understanding, please take the time to read the article before you comment. 🙏🏼💜"

March 2023: They celebrate queer love.

Chrishell and G Flip attended the GLAAD event and reposted some cute pics on Instagram. "Thank you @glaad for celebrating love of all kinds🌈💜💃🏻," Chrishell captioned the pics. There was even one where the couple are seen leaving home, holding hands.

Of course, Chrishell's coworkers at The Oppenheim Group were quick to cheer them on: "You two!!! ❤️❤️🔥🔥," Amanza Smith commented. "🔥🔥🔥," Maya Vander added.

G Flip gushed about her partner, too. "You look amazing 😍," she wrote.

May 2023: Chrishell drops that they got married.

On May 10, Chrishell posted an Instagram reel celebrating partner G Flip's new single, "Be Your Man" and included lots of cute pics of their time together... Including one where they're kissing on a red carpet, both in formal wear, with Chrishell decked out in a veil, bridal gown, and bouquet.

"Love doesn’t always go as planned…Sometimes it’s immeasurably better," Chrishell wrote in her caption. "Be Your Man is out now & linked in stories. If you ever get the pleasure of meeting G, know that you are meeting one of the kindest, funniest & most talented hard working people out there."

Her O Group fam was right there to support her. "I am SO excited for this!! You and G are the most inspiring couple and the affection between you both is so pure. I love you two tons and am so lucky to have you both in my life. 😍 congrats!" wrote her boss, Jason Oppenheim. "IM DYING!!!!!! I’ve been waiting for this post all day!!! Covered in goosebumps since the moment I watched!" co-star Emma Hernan added.

People later confirmed the news that they had tied the knot.

May 19, 2023: G Flip appears in Selling Sunset season 6 on Netflix.

These two make quite a cute pair in their first reality TV appearance as a couple. Chrishell gushes to Emma about how in love she is, and affectionately calls her partner, "G." Next, there's a sweet recording sesh where G shows Chrishell how to play the drums properly before they sit down for a heart-to-heart. G basically tells Chrishell not to let the other O Group gals get her down, and they smooch.

I can't wait for more insights into Chrishell's relationship because these two are just the cutest. I stan!

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