• The Full Flower Moon in Scorpio is happening on May 5, 2023.
  • During this astrological event, you’ll be encouraged to push yourself in all areas of life.
  • The full moon impacts all zodiac signs, but Taurus and Scorpio will feel it most.

It’s so easy to go through life running on your usual routine. But sometimes, the universe has other plans for you. Well, buckle up because you’re about to get a serious kick in the pants courtesy of the Full Flower Moon and lunar eclipse in Scorpio.

This astrological event is taking place on May 5, 2023, and it’ll push you to go after everything you want in life, according to Donna Page, a certified astrologer in Atlanta. Naturally, however, there’s a lot more at play.

Here’s what else you can expect from the Full Flower Moon in Scorpio, and how it’ll impact the rest of your year.

Wait, what is the Full Flower Moon in Scorpio, exactly?

Let’s take a quick step back. As you probably know, the moon goes through different phases. During the full moon, it looks like a big, round, and, er, full ball in the sky. And in astrology, each full moon is lined up with a different zodiac sign to create a distinct vibe.

This full moon’s name comes from a mix of Native American, Colonial American, and European sources. It’s called a Full Flower Moon because flowers in North America tend to bloom around this time, according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac. It unfortunately doesn’t mean that the moon will shoot out flowers, transform into the shape of a daisy, or anything else of the sort, although that would be seriously cool.

What’s more? This full moon is also a lunar eclipse, which means it will be even more powerful than your standard full moon, Page says.

How will the Full Flower Moon in Scorpio impact your zodiac sign?

This full moon (and lunar eclipse) is all about passion, and that extends to pretty much every area of your life. You’ll feel fired up to make things happen at work, whether it’s finally checking that big project off your to-do list or applying for that job that’s felt slightly out of reach in the past.

At the gym, you might sign up for a fitness challenge or take on a new, harder class, all with the goal of pushing yourself just a little more. In your love life, expect your relationships to level up—meaning, hotter date nights, deeper late-night chats, and steamier sex.

This particular full moon is vibrating with Uranus, the planet of risk, making you open to change. Because, whether you like it or not, change will happen—you might as well lean into it, ya know?

The full moon will impact all zodiac signs, but Page says that Taurus and Scorpio will feel it the most.

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How will the Full Flower Moon in Scorpio impact your future?

It’s never a bad thing to feel fired up in your day-to-day. During this full moon, you’ll push yourself more at work, and that go-getter attitude won’t go unnoticed.

On the fitness front, you’ll try to advance your skills a little more. Maybe you’ll finally sign up for that 5k race you’ve been mulling over for ages or learn to do an unassisted pull-up. Whatever your goals are, you’ll totally crush them and end up a little healthier (and stronger!) in the process.

As for your love life, it never hurts to inject a little extra passion here and there. Mixing things up in the bedroom will put more fuel in both your tanks, helping sustain you through harder times going forward. Plus, it’s just more fun.

When is the next full moon?

The next full moon is on June 4, 2023 in the sign of Sagittarius. During this full moon, you’ll get a new sense of hope moving forward.

For now, enjoy being all kinds of fired up—and make full moon magic happen.

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