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What Is My Venus Sign? How The Planet Of Love And Beauty Impacts You, According To An Astrologer

It plays a pretty HUGE role in romantic compatibility...

By Mollie Davies
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If you're interested in astrology, you're likely more than familiar with your Sun sign, which directly relates to your personality. Maybe your 'scope-obsessed self is also well-versed in your Moon sign, which aligns with your emotions and moods.

Your Venus sign is something different altogether, although for most people, it can be the same sign as their Sun sign, or one of its neighboring signs, says Alice Alta, resident astrologer for the Futurio app. And as with any planetary sign, this one is determined by where Venus was in the sky at the time of your birth. To find your Venus sign, all you need is your birth date, time, and location to create your natal chart via an astrology app or website like, explains Alta.

What is my Venus sign, and how does it impact me?

"Venus is the planet of love, beauty, harmony, money, material values," she notes. So, Venus in the natal chart is responsible for the development of your sense of style and taste, determining your preferences in everything from clothes to romantic partners.

At its core, Venus is huge in helping to understand your personality and how you express yourself. It impacts how you show your desires, passions, and what's important to you. It can also determine how you interact with others and the energy you give off in those interactions.

Most notably, it affects how a person falls in love and what they expect from a romantic relationship. "The majority of the planets in this sign will be strong, sociable, charismatic in public," explains Alta. But if your Venus is in Cancer, you can be indecisive, modest, and dreamy when it comes to love. Similarly, Capricorn Sun signs who have Venus in Scorpio will be rational and calm in relationships with friends and colleagues, but romantic relationships get a bit...dramatic.

Does my Venus sign determine romantic compatibility?

Alta explains that Venus signs show if partners' expectations and needs in love are the same. Generally, if two people have signs of the same natural element, they're a solid match. FYI: All zodiac signs belong to one of the four elements—water signs (Cancer, Scorpio. Pisces), fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius), and earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn). For example, if one partner has Venus in Aquarius, and the other has Venus in Gemini, they perceive love in a similar way, which can make for a lasting connection.

"It's also important to look at the position of Venus in related elements," says Alta, noting that earth and water go well together, as do fire and air. So, you don't have to have the same Venus sign as your partner to find lasting love, but complementary elements can up the chances for compatibility.

How does Venus going retrograde affect my Venus sign?

Like all other planets, Venus goes retrograde now and then. But unliked the oft-dreaded Mercury retrograde, it's not something to worry about—a planet in retrograde won't really affect you unless it makes an aspect to a specific planet in your natal chart. For example, when Mercury goes retrograde, you will only feel its influence if Mercury is aspecting your Sun or Mercury. The same goes for Venus retrograde.

Still, any retrograde planet means some return to the past, Alta explains. If Venus goes retrograde and you feel this influence, then you'll likely want to rethink past relationships. Single? You may have memories of a former partner, a desire to renew a previous relationship, or an urge to put an end to unresolved issues. This can be a good time to call your ex to talk through grievances, forgive each other, and get closure. But don't pick up the phone if Venus retrograde has a negative aspect to your important planets. Most likely, that conversation will end in a quarrel.

If Venus retrograde makes a good aspect to your Venus, Sun, and some other planets, then you will feel a surge of love and desire for romance. For those in relationships, you may want to remember the past, such as recreating your first date or visiting your honeymoon destination.

Wondering what your Venus sign specifically means for you?Alta breaks down everything you need to know, according to Alta:


aries may 2023 sex horoscope

People with Venus in Aries fall in love quickly and impetuously. If you've ever experienced love at first sight, well, now you know why. Not only do you fall fast and hard, but every time seems like you've finally found "The One" you want to spend the rest of your life with. To you, love can feel like waves. After a while, the flow of feelings can fade away, and then flare up again.

Unfortunately, it's not all champagne and roses. Those with their Venus sign in Aries may also have a complex about their appearance and sexual attractiveness.


taurus may 2023 sex horoscope

Because Venus rules Taurus, this is the strongest position for the planet. People who have Venus in Taurus have good taste and understand what colors and materials combine beautifully. They often have talents related to the visual arts, such as photography and drawing.

Unlike Aries, if your Venus sign is in Taurus, your romantic feelings develop gradually and grow only stronger as time goes by. You need stability in relationships, which comes with some major TLC perks for your partner. The love language for those with this Venus sign is gift giving, meaning they enjoy cooking for their loved ones and surprising them with DIY gifts.


gemini may 2023 sex horoscope

When Venus is in Gemini, it gives lightness to feelings—people fall in love quickly and end relationships just as easily. As a rule, everything starts with conversations and friendship because communication is very important for this Venus sign.

Relationships can start with interesting correspondence and light flirting. You feel comfortable meeting, communicating, and dating lots of new people on dating apps before eventually choosing a partner for a serious relationship.

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cancer may 2023 sex horoscope

Those with their Venus sign in Cancer are set for a long-term, serious relationship. You have deep feelings, are jealous, and can get possessive. At the same time, when you find your person and feel secure in your love, you are caring and tender.

Generally, you're more comfortable with people who—from the first meeting—say that they want a serious relationship and family.


leo may 2023 sex horoscope

If your Venus sign is in Leo, love is a theater. You enjoy being the center of attention and love showing your feelings in public...but you can also create drama in relationships.

Typically, men with Venus in Leo love bright, charismatic, and unpredictable women. Meanwhile, women with this Venus sign try to make the romance beautiful, like in the movies.


virgo may 2023 sex horoscope

People with Venus in Virgo have difficulty falling in love and surrendering to the power of feelings. They love rationally. At worst, such people make a list of the characteristics of an ideal partner and look for someone who will fit all the requirements. In the best-case scenario, they are very loyal and stick to their choice despite any hardships in family life. Their love language is actions, and they can do the hardest work for their loved ones.

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libra may 2023 sex horoscope

People with Venus in Libra have a sense of taste and can combine unexpected things to look elegant. Often, they prefer expensive products and famous brands. That said, it's not all designers and diamonds. If this is your Venus sign, you also have a need for approval. It's important for you to understand that your choice is the best and is approved by society.

In love, you tend to search for compromises and are willing to adjust to your partner.


scorpio may 2023 sex horoscope

Those with their Venus sign in Scorpio tend to be unable to relax and enjoy love. They constantly criticize themselves and often have complexes about their appearance or sexual skills. They either beat themselves up or direct this destructive energy at their partner, making drama out of nothing.

Men with Venus in Scorpio tend to have a Madonna-whore complex, which makes it difficult for them to combine love and sex in one relationship. If this is your Venus sign, don't freak out. In the best case scenario, you can transform your partner with the energy of your love.


sagittarius may 2023 sex horoscope

If your Venus sign is in Sagittarius, love is an adventure. You easily start new relationships and don't worry about previous ones. And because you love variety in everything, it's important to add something new into a relationship once in a while.

In love, those with this Venus sign try to broaden the horizons of their partner, show them the world, and teach them something new.

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capricorn may 2023 sex horoscope

People with Venus in Capricorn may find it hard to open up. Their romantic feelings develop slowly and gradually, but if they give their heart to someone, they will be exceptionally loyal and reliable.

In love, this Venus sign will stay by their partner's side through thick and thin!


aquarius may 2023 sex horoscope

If your Venus sign is in Aquarius, you see love as a funny game. The effect of novelty is important, so you always want to shake things up in a romantic relationship. Your love is akin to friendship, so common interests are very important.

Often, they may have eccentric ideas about family, such as wanting to live in a commune. And because people with Venus in Aquarius value spiritual kinship the most, they feel comfortable in a long-distance relationship.


pisces may 2023 sex horoscope

Venus is very strong in Pisces. With this sign, love seems somewhat detached from reality. People with Venus in Pisces tend to fall in love not with a real person, but with a perfect image in their head. You often idealize your partner, and if they break your trust, you may lose faith in humanity.

At the same time, you are gentle, caring, and can sacrifice yourself for the sake of your loved ones.

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