Whether taking the lead on a project at work or organizing a record-breaking fundraiser for a local charity, Capricorns get it done. These boss b*tches of the zodiac are known for their leadership skills and their intense focus on always getting ahead, especially when it comes to their careers. They’re practical and goal-oriented and have likely put in more than a few late nights at the office.

They say that time is money, and with everything Capricorns are set on accomplishing in life, they know their time is valuable. So, when it comes to romantic relationships, they aren’t necessarily going to pursue something they don't think will last.

If all of this is making it sound like you should never date a Capricorn, or, if you're a Capricorn, that you’re destined to be single forever, don’t panic just yet. Like all signs, Capricorns bring some great characteristics to the table when it comes to relationships; they just might need a little more nudging to get them to actually put away that work laptop.

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But once they do, you won’t be disappointed. In a Capricorn, you’ll find someone who’s always on your team, willing to make the dreaded decision about where to go for dinner, and secure enough in your relationship that you don’t need to be together all the time. Like what you hear? Well, there's more where that came from—here’s how Capricorn compatibility can affect romantic relationships.

How are Capricorns romantically?

To put it bluntly, they know exactly what they want. "Capricorns are practical, and they are goal-oriented, so they don’t want just a relationship that’s not going somewhere," says Rachel Lang, astrologer and author of Modern Day Magic. "Yes, they will date and flirt, but they don’t want to get into anything that is going to be a waste of time."

Rather than jumping head-first into a new romance and seeing how it goes, Capricorns prefer to test the waters. They’re ruled by the planet Saturn, which Lang calls the "planet of caution," so don’t expect a Capricorn to be clearing their calendar for you and telling you their deepest secrets and insecurities on the first date. They need to know this relationship is a sure thing before they fully invest themselves.

To put it in business terms that a Capricorn might appreciate: "They’re not going to invest their heart or their energy into a relationship that’s not going to yield a return," says Lang.

But once they do make that leap, Lang adds, you can expect to see a real soft and sensual side from a Capricorn partner. And with security, comes passion. The physical side of romance is really important to most Capricorns, especially when it keeps them on their toes, according to Lang. Calling them out of the blue for a little unplanned lunchtime rendezvous? There’s nothing they’ll love more.

You can also expect a Capricorn to stick around, through the good times and the bad. "Capricorns are very loyal to the people they care most about," Lang says. "They’re one of the signs that are really invested in commitment."

If Capricorn in your sun sign...

You’ve got ambition, and there is 100-percent nothing wrong with that. You know what you want your future to look like, and you’re going to work as hard as you can to make that future a reality, even if that means prioritizing a career over a relationship for a while.

That said, please consider this a friendly reminder that it is okay to take a break every once in a while. "Sometimes, Capricorns can be all work and no play, so it’s important for them to lighten up and have fun, to not be so critical of themselves and others, and to also be open to the process," Lang adds.

If Capricorn is your moon sign...

You might hold back a little in relationships because you're worried about how it could wrong—that is, until you’ve had "the talk" and know that you and your partner are down to commit to each other.

A Capricorn moon craves structure, stability, and security in relationships, according to Lang. But even after you're in a solid 'ship, you probably won't be the first one to use the "L" word. Of course, once it's been said (by someone else), Capricorn moons "are loyal [and] they’re very nurturing," says Lang. "But they have to have that feeling [of being] in a safe space."

If Capricorn is your rising sign...

You’ve got a road map for what you want out of life, including what you’re looking for in a relationship. You enter into romantic situations cautiously and keep your cards close to your chest. You’re particular about what you want in a partner, and others may comment that you have high standards. But that doesn’t mean the picture you have of your future relationship isn’t realistic.

You also have plans for once you find that long-term partner. Lang calls Capricorn rising the "dream holder" in the relationship, explaining that they have a vision for what their lives could be together, whether that’s saving to buy a new home or moving to a new city to pursue new opportunities. "They’re very thoughtful in everything they do," she says. "They’re not ones to waste time, and so, they have the gift of focus."

What signs make a good match for Capricorn?

Virgo and Taurus

As an earth sign, Capricorns tend to vibe well with the other earth signs, Virgo and Taurus, especially when it comes to the physical, material, and practical aspects of a relationship. Lang describes it as "being able to speak the same language."


As another sign that doesn’t take any nonsense, Scorpios and Capricorns share a love of personal power and not messing around. Together, these two signs have the potential to be a strong power couple, says Lang. Partners in these relationships are supportive and push each other to be the best versions of themselves.


As Capricorn’s opposite sign, Cancer and Capricorn tend to balance each other out. If the Capricorn of the couple is focused on the public side of the relationship, including the contribution they’re making to a community, the Cancer is running things behind the scenes and is focused on creating a comforting home.

What signs make a bad match for Capricorn?


While Lang doesn’t believe there are truly any signs that are completely incompatible with each other, she says an Aries-Capricorn relationship tends to be two people who are very stubborn—and not in a good way, making communication rather difficult.


This air sign tends to not have a lot in common with Capricorn’s earth sign characteristics. But if you're a Capricorn, that doesn't mean you should walk away from a budding relationship with a Gemini—at least, not until you get their full chart. After all, in some cases, opposites do attract.