Being a Leo comes with some serious power and responsibility—after all, you’re the king of the forest the zodiac, and that’s kinda-totally a BFD.

And yeah, your Sun sign doesn’t dictate everything about your personality, astrologically-speaking—you've got to consider your natal and progressed charts, your Moon sign, and your Saturn return, too. Buuuut it still has a lot to do with what makes up the ~essence~ of you, especially during Leo season (July 23 to August 22). You’re a Leo always and forever, obvs, but your Leo personality traits will be super apparent during this time.

Given that you’ve been a Leo your whole life, you probably have a decent idea of what it means to be a roaring member of the Lion Squad. But there are some basics you might have missed along the way that can help you get a deeper, better understanding of why you are the way you are.

These are the five major character traits all Leo have in common—and should know about themselves—according to Donna Page, a certified astrologer in Atlanta.

1. You’re proud of what you’ve accomplished.

    And fair. You’ve worked hard to get where you are today. Like a lion cruising through the savannah, you have zero issue strutting your stuff, whether it’s down the block, through the grocery store aisles, or in a club.

    2. You have a generous heart.

    You’re super kind. Like, you’d do anything to make people in your circle smile. A friend mentions offhand that she wants to learn how to do a sock bun? You already Amazon Primed her one to try. Ditto for being an all-star cheerleader. Your friends know they can count on you to push them (in a totally supportive way) to be the best version of themselves possible.

    3. You can get hurt easily.

    You might be a big, powerful catwoman on the outside, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have feelings. If you don’t get a "you’re so amazing!!!" text after a first date, you can spend some solid time stressing over what that means. And, of course, you’re too proud to reach out and ask if something is up.

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    4. You’re always down to celebrate.

      Whether it’s the anniversary of the first time you and your S.O. split a pint of ice cream or the news that The Bachelorette finally (finally!) started filming, people know they can count on you to mark the moment in style. I mean, why not pop a bottle of champers on a Tuesday if you've got a reason, amirite?

      Need another reason to celebrate? How 'bout having these Leo celebrities in your squad:

      preview for Shawn Mendes, Cole Sprouse & More Irresistible Celeb Leos!

      5. You speak your mind.

      On the work front, you don’t really get all that advice to speak up in meetings—you’ve always just given your opinion on things. And, in your social life, you are so not here for people stealing your thunder. You’re a leader, whether it’s getting the party started or tackling a big work project and—life advice for everyone else here—things will go a lot more smoothly for them once they recognize that.

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