Having the same drink at the same place with the same friends every weekend might be fun for some peeps (and no judgment), but that’s definitely not gonna fly with you. Why? You’re a Gemini.

Granted, your Sun sign doesn’t 100-percent dictate your personality in the astrology world, but it has a pretty strong sway in making up who you are. That is, of course, combined with other elements like your natal and progressed charts, your Moon sign, and your Saturn return.

Plus, with Gemini season running from May 21 through June 20, 2020, it's prime time to let your Gem flag ~fly~.

You’ve been doing the Gemini thing since the day you were born, so odds are pretty high you have a decent idea what it means to be a part of the Twin Squad. Still, there’s some important info that all Geminis should know about themselves. These five major traits of being a Gemini can impact everything from your work to your love life, according to Donna Page, a certified astrologer in Atlanta. Here's the sitch:

1. You just can’t with the same old.

If variety is the spice of life, consider yourself the human equivalent of a ghost pepper. You crave change and hate being bored. Your life motto was "Thank U, Next" wayyyy before Ariana Grande's hit song. Who can blame ya when there's so much to explore and learn about?

2. You’re an expert shopper.

If spotting a bargain find out in the wild was an Olympic sport, that gold medal would be yours—no sweat. You’re also super savvy about everything you buy, like loading up on two new white tees at once, JIC one happens to get a stain (because it always does).

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3. You can talk to just about anybody.

Your group can always count on you to be the one who finds out the Lyft driver’s life story in five minutes and becomes instant BFFs with the bartender. But you don’t just talk for the sake of it—you’re great at making actual connections with people. If there's a new friend(s) to be made, you'll be making 'em.

4. You like to keep your options open.

When it comes to relationships, Geminis don’t want to be boxed in. (No one puts you in a corner!) Sure, you may settle down with someone eventually, but you like to be open to the possibility that someone else might come along. Oh, and you’re definitely not going to get serious with one person until you feel like you can't live without them.

5. You’re totally open-minded.

You have your belief system, and other people have theirs. You’re well aware that having a difference of opinion doesn’t make someone less of a solid human—but even you have your limits. If a person starts spewing out total garbage, you’re definitely going to speak up.

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